The Key

I’ve got the key to happiness
The key to joy and mirth
I’ve got the key to gaiety
To pleasures of the earth
I’ve got the key to rosy days
The key to jubilee
I’ve got the key to everything
Deep inside of me.


It seems that I may be inclined
To sometimes go out of my mind.

Coffee Man

He’s a coffee drinking man
Gets his food from a coffee can
Drinks it black, drinks it tan
For he’s a coffee artisan
He fills his cup, gargantuan
And when he’s through, he starts again.

The Dream Man

The Dream Man has a tale to tell
When you’re tucked in sleeping well
He’ll come and sit beside your bed
And whisper thoughts to fill your head.


I think I’ll shave my head
And dye my eyebrows blue
Then no one will confuse me
And say that I am you.

Jelly Beans

Shiny, chewy
Scrumptious, yum
Cherry, Lime
Or Bubble Gum
Roasted, toasted
Breakfast, lunch
And supper too
Betcha can’t
Just eat a few
Handfuls, boxes
By the bags
Eat ‘em
‘Till my tummy sags
Munch ‘em, crunch ‘em
Just can’t stop it
Now excuse me
While I vomit.

Mr. Moustache

Mr. Moustache needs a face
A space that he can call his place
An upper lip or under nose
Any place a moustache goes.


Crickets chirp announcing dawn
Dew has spread across the lawn
Moonlight fades with shining sun
Alas, another days begun.


Sir Laughs Alot of Happy Towne
Giggles while he wears his crown
But his queen – the Queen of Mean
Is the sternest thing you’ve seen
The two are an unlikely pair
A sight you’d never see elsewhere
Though they march to different songs
They somehow seem to get along
He laughs, she yells yet both agree
Understanding is the way to be.

Dessert Island

Banana Man in a yellow coat
Sitting in an ice cream boat
Rowing in a chocolate moat
Catching cherries as they float
Eating ‘till his tummy bloats.


Some say that I’m a dork
Some say I am a nerd
That does not mean a thing to me
Their voices are not heard

Some say that I am stupid
Some say I’m not so bright
They say I won’t amount to much
But I think that I might

People will say many things
And this they’re free to do
For I know I am worthy
But now my friend – do you?


The end is just
A brand-new start
The pages have been
Torn apart
What one time was
Is now no more
And nothing is
As was before.

Backwards Man and forwards Girl

Backwards Man and Forwards Girl
Come from very different worlds
They get along as differents might
But never seem to fit just right

Forwards Girl and Backwards Man
Have a very different plan
In order to move side-by-side
By different rules they must abide

So Backwards Man and Forwards Girl
Grab each other and they twirl
Making both their worlds unite
Together now they fit just right.

Fishing for Dinner

I baited my hook with peanut butter
‘Cause it’s my favorite dish
I dropped my line and hoped to dine
On P.B. and jellyfish.

Mrs. Jackson

My teacher, Mrs. Jackson
Is the meanest on the earth
She makes us study latitude,
Longitude and girth
She makes us spell the hardest words
Like expyalladocious
She dresses kinda funny
And her hair is just atrocious
Thank goodness it is May
And I’m almost outta here
But, I think I’m gonna cry
‘Cause I’ll be missing her next year.


Tiny buds on velvet trees
Flowers calling honeybees
Sunshine turning shoulders pink
This… Ah, this me thinks
Is Heaven

Looking Glass

I’m looking in the looking glass
And suddenly I see
There’s a funny boy in there
Who looks a lot like me
I nod my head and so does he
I wonder how this came to be
That He is me and I am He
I reach inside and pull him free
Now the two of us are We.

Candle at Night

I blow my candle out at night
The candle that once burned so bright
And filled my room with dancing light
That chased away my fear of fright
So now I see a different sight
The sight of dreams that might, just might
Come true -- if I can hold them tight
Until the dawn of morning light.

Dinners Stuck to the Frying Pan

I swear I had a cooking plan
But dinners stuck to the frying pan
I guess we’ll head for Taco Bell
Eating out is just as well.


Joey’s got two mommies
Sheila has no dad
Julie was adopted
Still, they all seem glad
Just to have a little house
With walls and roof above
Filled with lots of memories
Of laughter and of love.

Underwater Rodeo

I’m riding on a seahorse
To a deep sea rodeo
Where I’ll lasso me an angler fish
His angler all aglow
I’ll open up a stubborn clam
And dig me out a pearl
I’ll tie it to a seaweed ring
And give it to my girl
I’ll listen for the conch shell horn
To sound the end of day
Then I’ll hop back on a seahorse
And head back home to bay.

Feelin' Free

Music’s got me feelin’ free
Come on boogie down with me
Move your hips, shake your rump
Slide together, do the bump
Groovin’ to the music’s beat
Get up on your dancin’ feet
Turn around and boogie down
Welcome to this Funky Town
Where music’s got us feelin’ free
So come on won’t you dance with me?

Behind Beyond

Somewhere out behind beyond
Over mountains, past the pond
Through the rainbow, ‘neath the rain
Somewhere deep inside my brain
You’ll find the place that I have gone
Somewhere out behind beyond.

Forever Life

Crescent moon in midnight sky
Stars in yonder space
Planets spin and comets fly
Beyond the human race
Foreign life on distant shore
Across the solar sea
The universe expanding more
While time is ticking free
Life continues on and on
Energy expands
Nothings ever really gone
It simply changes hands.

I Used To

I used to care what people thought
I used to want the things they bought
I used to read the things they read
I used to say the things they said
I did the deed, I played the game
And all of us were just the same
But now that I have aged and grown
I find I’ve made my life my own
I’m free to do the things I choose
To live my life, I’ve paid my dues
Now they are them and I am me
And that’s the way that it should be.

At the Disco

Listen to the D.J.
Spin his records round
Feel the thumping – thumping
As he’s cranking up the sound
The records keep on whirling
With a pound, pound, pound
The disco ball is swirling
On the ground, ground, ground
The dance floor pulses, pulses
As the people come on round
Watch them dancing, dancing
At the Disco where their found.

If I Had Time

If I had the time
I’d write a rhyme
But since I don’t
I won’t.


I can say my alphabet
From “A” on down to “Z”
I guess that makes me pretty wise
I’m sure you can agree

I can say my numbers
From 1 to 99
I’ll bet that when you speak of me
You say I’m doing fine

I can make a painting
A special work of art
I can do all this and more
I guess I’m pretty smart.


Call me on my cell phone
Email me a letter
Text me when you have some time
For us to get together.

Skip Counting

One, two, forty-four
Fifty, ninety-nine
Counting numbers is a bore
So skipping some is fine.

Dessert Eater

Peter, Peter,
Dessert eater
Mixed a cake
And licked the beater
Baked it ‘till ‘bout half past done
Then shared his cake with everyone.


Flowers blowing in the breeze
But thanks to awful allergies
All I do is sneeze.

Mary Had a Little Lunch

Mary had a little lunch
Some bread and mayo too
A lettuce leaf, a slice of cheese
She had a sandwich, true

Mary poured a glass of milk
With lots of chocolate syrup
She ate her sandwich, drank her milk
And then she had to burp.

Memory Quilt

I’m stitching a memory quilt
With laughter and tears and joy
I’m piecing together the thoughts
Of a long forgotten boy
I’m sewing in promises made
And batting with childhood dreams
And wrapping myself in the warmth
Carefully sewn in the seams.

Secrets for Sale

I have some secrets I promised to keep
Come buy them now while they’re going cheap
A dollar for one, buck-fifty for two
With rates like this, I’ll be rich when I’m through.

I Don't Wanna

I don’t wanna grow up
I don’t wanna pay bills
I don’t wanna be an adult
I wanna seek thrills

I don’t wanna get married
I don’t wanna have a child
I don’t wanna be an adult
I wanna stay wild

I don’t wanna have a job
I don’t wanna debate
I don’t wanna be an adult
I wanna stay eight!

I Remember

Laughter and pain
And warm summer rains
Smiles and smirks
And doing homework
Pleasure, defeat
And victory so sweet
Cheering and crying
Truthing and lying
Jumping and playing
And overnight staying
Scooping and mowing
And telling and showing
Running ‘round wild
And being a child.

Literary Journey

I read a book from cover to cover
And what an adventure I had
Magic and space and Chantilly lace
And now that it’s over I’m sad
Perhaps I’ll find another book
And travel to distant shores
With maidens and knights and courtly delights
You see reading is never a bore
So many books all different in tale
Open and you shall see
All the fine glories of reading the stories
It’s wonderful take it from me.


Where did I put my sanity
I know I had it once
It seems to have abandoned me
I call there’s no response
Perhaps I dropped it on the floor
Or down the kitchen drain
Oh well, I guess from this point on
They’ll say that I’m insane.


A tiny town beneath my feet
A place where ants can meet and greet
Where workers burrow underground
Lifting dirt to form a mound
A different life dwells down below
Where human forms will never go
Where feasts of crumbs and cast-asides
Becomes a brunch for grooms and brides
This is where the ants all meet
In this town beneath my feet.


Look before you cross the street
Never eat food with your feet
Say, “excuse me,” when you burp
If you eat soup, please don’t slurp
Help old ladies cross the street
Smile at every one you meet
Do your homework when assigned
When reading poems you may find
That certain books can be quite fun
Like those made by Mark Edmondson
So read them at least once or twice
Trust me, this is good advice.


It’s creepy, it’s crawly
It’s black and it’s hairy
It’s slip’ry, it’s slimy
It’s horrid, it’s scary
It’s drippy, it’s droppy
It lives in my home-y
Worst of all
It seems to know me.

The Environmentalist's Speech

Plant a tree and watch it grow
And fill the air with beauty
Climb the tree and get to know
How caring is our duty
We must lend a helping hand
To save the water, sky and land
If we want to keep it grand
Then we must take a stand
And fight for what we know is right
And what we are about
To keep our earth a wondrous sight
Of this there is no doubt
We need our water, sky and land
We need to lend a helping hand
We need to keep our vision grand
Won’t you come and take a stand?

Writer's Strike

Alice is stuck in Wonderland
Humpty’s wall has crumbled
Snow White’s blonde and tan
These fairytales are bumbled
The writers are on strike
Demanding higher wages
There are no more tales to like
To last throughout the ages
We better pay the crafters
So they’ll fill our hearts with laughter
And Alice can get home
So Humpty’s wall gets built
So Snow White will not roam
And her raven hair won’t wilt
Go out and buy a tale
And let your mind be free
The writer’s need a sale
So they’ll write continually.

Coffee City

In Coffee City we’re all hyper
And we’ve got to pee
We drink a hundred cups a day
We love it don’t you see
We drink 10 cups at breakfast time
And 10 for snack time too
30 each at lunch and sup
Then 20 more, it’s true
Come and join our coffee hype
No need to bring a mug
For in Coffee City we all drink
Our coffee from a jug

Hairy Horse House

A hundred hairy horses hid
In houses made of hay
Here the hairy horses played
Games of keep away
The heaps of things they hid in hay
Have since been stored away
Now the hairy horses may
Eat their houses made of hay.

Toadily Toad

Toadily Toad and the Toadetts
Sing songs you can’t forget
They kick up their feet
Along with the beat
‘Til they’re caught in a fisherman’s net.

Star Dancing

Sometimes at night I dance with a star
An endless summer waltz
She whisks me high, away and afar
Just me and the shining star

We twist and we turn all through the night
To that endless summer waltz
Filling the sky with beauty and light
Together we’re quite a sight

We float through the air on magic strings
When dancing the summer waltz
And when we’re through, back to Earth she brings
Me on her silvery wings.

Sheep on a Ship

10 sheep on a ship
Sailing ocean waves
One sheep fell off the ship
To his wat’ry grave
9 sheep on a ship
Weather hurricane
One sheep hit his head
And now he is insane
8 sheep on a ship
Hoarding pirate bank
One tried to steal it all
And had to walk the plank
7 sheep on a ship
Eating grass and hay
A gusty wind blew aboard
And took one sheep away
6 sheep on a ship
Playing games of cards
One tried to stack the deck
And was shackled by the guards
5 sheep on a ship
Sleeping through the night
One had a nasty dream
And passed away from fright
4 sheep on a ship
Growing tired and weary
One fell while feeding sharks
You know what happened, Deary
3 sheep on a ship
Heading right for home
A tidal wave crashed aboard
And drowned one in its foam
2 sheep on a ship
Standing back to back
Waiting for the other one
To turn and to attack
1 sheep on a ship
Snuggled up and dreaming
Never knowing nothing is
Quite as it is seeming.

Brains for School

I do not like my classes
They’re causing me great pains
I wish that I could pass them
But I haven’t got the brains
They must have fallen from my head
While I rested in my bed
Now surely I am dead
If that’s the case, then no more school
I will not have to add
I’ll never read or multiply
I’ll never be a grad.
If I don’t want to be a fool
And turn into a brainless ghoul
Then I must keep myself in school
I’ll do my math and read my books
I’ll give it all my best
I’ll keep my brains inside my head
If ever I should rest.


Pick flowers not fights
Skip wrongs, find rights
Do good, not harm
Make friends, not arms
Find joy and mirth
Make peace on Earth.

Leaf Display

The fog has turned the sky to grey
And hidden all the trees
No longer seen the leaf display
Of autumn’s gold and red bouquet
How I wish the leaves could stay
But winter winds shoo them away.

Should I

Should I be a super man
Strong and lean and bold
Able to lift anything
While never growing old

Or should I be a rockin’ star
And jam the night away
Strummin’ on my 6-string
All the night and day

How about an astronaut
Flyin’ ‘round the stars
Landing on the planets
Like Jupiter and Mars

Perhaps I’ll star in feature films
Perhaps in TV shows
Or maybe I’ll be Broadway bound
No one really knows

So many futures out there
So many things to be
Which one of these shall I become???
We’ll have to wait and see.

The Birds and Me

The birds are circling in the sky
A gleaming in their eye
They’re waiting to swoop down on me
Because I’m chopping down their tree
Hack, hack with the ax
They’re planning their attacks
Sigh, sigh they’ve pecked my eye
I think I’m gonna cry
Look out birds I’m loose and limber

Hippo's Problem

Henry Hippo feeds on grass
Then Henry Hippo passes gas
So when you see this hippo smile
Know he’s farted in the Nile.


If seen from distant outer space
The world looks like a peaceful place
But zoom in to a closer view
And you will find this seems untrue
There is famine, hunger, war
Hurricanes and nations torn
Polluted rivers, streams and lakes
Diseases making bodies ache
Zoom in closer and persist
Find miracles that still exist
Flowers bloom and children play
The sun shines on another day
A blade of grass peaks through the sand
A tadpole makes its way on land
Zoom into a single cell
Life exists there just as well
Protons, neutrons spinning round
Another miracle is found
Life is not just dread and doom
It all depends on how you zoom.

The Turtle and the Tortoise

The turtle swims into the sea
A tortoise, she does not
The turtle lays her eggs in sand
A tortoise, a muddy spot
The turtle has a thin, light shell
A tortoise shell is hard
You’ll never find a turtle
In a tortoise’s back yard
Though the two may seem the same
They’re not as you can see
They have a lot in common
But are as dif’rent as can be.

An Unlikely Home

Here is a tale that I heard
About a Midwest bird
That lived in the local Lowes

He built a nest for himself
On the top of the Hardware shelf
Or so the story goes

He used wood and tiles
From each of the aisles
Right there in the local Lowes

He borrowed their tools
Their sinks and their stools
Much to the manager’s woes

‘Til one day this bird
Or so I have heard
Was kicked out of the local Lowes

But times weren’t so hard
‘Cause he moved to Menards
And that is all that I know.


Blackbird circling in the sky
Blackbird soaring way up high
Floatin’ on a summer breeze
Hov’ring with the greatest ease
Flying anywhere you please.

Blackbird nesting in a tree
Blackbird staring down on me
How I wish to be like you
Swimming in a sky of blue
Seeing things I never knew

End of Summer

Raindrops falling down, down, down
Splashing on the ground, ground, ground
End of summer days.

Wind is blowing hard, hard, hard
Whipping through the yard, yard, yard
No more sunshine rays.

Leaves fall from the trees, trees, trees
Carried on the breeze, breeze, breeze
Hurry out to play.

Weathers turning bold, bold, bold
Wind is blust’ry cold, cold, cold
Autumns here to stay.


Get Out Monsters

There are monsters there’s no doubt
Like the ones I dream about
They wander in and out
And make me want to shout,

Witch's Spell

There was a witch – a wicked witch
Who cast an evil spell
And this spell – this wicked spell
Made children start to itch
Then the itch – the painful itch
Made the kiddies swell
So the witch – the sorry witch
Made the children rich
Now the witch – the lovely witch
Only casts good spells.

You Are What You Are

Sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t
Sometimes you rave and sometimes you rant
Sometimes you smile and sometimes you frown
Sometimes the world seems upside down
But you are what you are and you do what you do
So keep holding strong that you’ll make it through
Sometimes the sun shines and sometimes it rains
Sometimes there’s joy and sometimes there’s pain
Some times are good times and some times are bad
But overall you have to be glad
That you are what you are and you do what you do
And nobody else is exactly like you.

Candy Store

Come into my candy store
Sample licorice, gum and more
I have flavors old and new
Cherry, lime and lemon too
Sweet and sour, soft and hard
Taffy by the foot or yard
Chocolate dipped or chocolate chipped
Drizzled, swizzled, dropped and dripped
Wrapped in papers – silver, gold
Candy for the young and old
Sweets for mom and treats for dad
Candy for the good and bad
For flavors you cannot ignore
Come into my candy store.


The sky is colored grey and black
With promises of rain
A storm is brewing just beyond
The fields of sugar cane
Their stalks are blowing in the breeze
Like currents in the sea
Soon the clouds will open up
And set the raindrops free
Where they will fall into the field
And seep into the earth
So sugar roots can suck them up
For all that they are worth.

Never Poke a Hocus

If you poked a Hocus
There’d be a puff of smoke-us
And while you tried to focus
On the Hocus that you poked-us
He’d become a giant locust
And eat you so you’d croak-us
I’m serious, it’s no joke-us
Never poke a Hocus.

Santa's Elves

Santa’s elves are very small
And work all through the year
Making gifts for one and all
To bring them Christmas cheer.

The Afterlife

I woke up once and I was dead
Or stuck somewhere inside my head
Oh, the sights that I had seen
People colored blue and green
Some had tiny shrunken heads
That’s what happens when you’re dead
There was a lady sawed in two
A man covered in ghastly goo
Oh, the misery and strife
One suffers in the Afterlife
You never know the sights you’ll see
Like flattened boys who fell from trees
Or surfers drowned by great white sharks
Or cindered men alight with sparks
The Afterlife is quite a scene
It’s like a dream within a dream
The once bizarre becomes the norm
And people take on different forms
Waiting for their chance to haunt
And rattle chains, look pale and gaunt
When you are one among the crew
Clear your throat and holler, “BOO”
Then place this book back on the shelf
Before you go and scare yourself.

My Funny Dog

My dog is kinda funny lookin’
His fur is quite unique
He’s got a lot around his face
And not much on his feet
He’s tan and brown and very large
And likes a lot to eat
He may not be a dog at all
Still, he’s kinda neat.

Disappearing Ants

The ants went marching ten by ten
The ants went marching ten by ten
The ants went marching ten by ten
The little one was a magician


Hey… where’d all the ants go?

If the Earth was Flat

They used to think the Earth was flat
Can you imagine that
You’d sail right off the ocean end
And then you’d find my friend
That you were lost in outer space
Where aliens would give you chase
Around the moon and Venus too
And back to Earth before you were through
The aliens would settle here
And make the Earth their new frontier
They’d make us move to someplace new
Like Bosnia or Timbuktu
I’m not so sure I could handle that
Boy I’m glad the Earth ain’t flat.

Seasons of Love

Drops of rain fall on my face
And wash my cares away
Revealing all the good in grace
So I can smile today

Rays of sun shine down on me
Which brings my soul to life
They set my mind and spirit free
To relieve me of my strife

The wind blows briskly through my hair
To set my thoughts adrift
Gone is all my pain / despair
I know now life’s a gift

Flakes of snow melt on my nose
And run right down my cheek
Emotions start to overflow
With all this beauty – it’s hard to speak.

The Trick of Treats

The streets are filled with ghouls and frights
With kids in masks
On treating tasks
It’s Halloween tonight.

Their bags are filled with candy corn
With apples red
And gummy heads
Gone before the morn.

The next day comes with aching tummy
We’re sick for sure
No more eating yummies.


If I could take a rainbow
And mix it with a star
Cover it in sunshine
I’d be close to what you are
I’d add a little dreaming
And sprinkle several smiles
Mix in flower petals
And bake it for a while
I’d mold it into beauty
And glaze it all with grace
Then I’d look upon
Your bright and shining face.


If I hide then you can seek
Close our eyes and do not peek
Check each corner, cranny, nook
Run around and have a look
Seek behind the tall Oak tree
You’ll never find the likes of me
I’m crouching, slouching breathing deep
From me you’ll not hear a peep
I’m the king of hide-n-seek
But if by chance you sneak a peek
You’ll see why I can’t be beat
             I CHEAT!

Winter's Night

Frosty flakes have flecked the glass
And winter winds whirl ‘round
The mercury in the weatherglass
Is quickly going down
Old Man Winter’s reared his head
And shaken up his ire
But I am snuggled up in bed
Cozy by the fire.

Earth and Beyond

The Earth is quite a wond’rous place
A glowing orb in outer space
A tiny dot among the stars
Somewhere ‘tween the sun and Mars
A planet that is teaming
With people who are dreaming
Of life beyond this wond’rous place
Of glowing orbs in outer space.

Ten Again

If I were ten again
I’d spend more time outside
All the rules I would abide
If I were ten again

If I were ten again
I’d get my homework done
I’d get to have more fun
If I were ten again

If I were ten again
I’d have a lot less stress
Life wouldn’t be a mess
If I were ten again.

The Wind

The wind is a gossip
Singing songs of long ago
Bringing forth a melody
On breezes to and fro
Hear it as it whistles
A happy little tune
If you haven’t heard it yet
You’re bound to hear it soon
For she loves to share her gossip
As she spreads the clouds apart
Bringing sunshine to our faces
And love into our hearts.


Chocolate milk from chocolate cows
Strawberry from pink
That is how the story goes
It’s true – or so I think.

Tucked in Bed

Moon light shines upon the earth
Stars are given brand new birth
And I am tucked in bed
Crickets chirp, cicadas sing
The owl takes to night on wing
And I am tucked in bed
Sleeping through another night
Of evening’s fanciful delight
While I am tucked in bed
Then morning dawns a brand new day
With sunshine beams so bright and gay
So I’ll get out of bed.


The sun is shine, shine, shining
Squirrels are dine, dine, dining
Cats are lurking, lurk, lurking
Ants are mine, mine, mining
And I am whine, whine, whining
‘Cause I’m work, work, working
How I’m pine, pine, pining
To be done

Yet I’m rhyme, rhyme, rhyming
All the time, time, timing
Thoughts are lurk, lurk, lurking
And un-wind, wind, winding
I’m not mind, mind, minding
All the work, work, working
‘Cause I’m find, find, finding
That it’s fun.

On a Cloud

The atmosphere is thrilling here
The sounds electrifying
The ground is shaking, rumblin’, quaking
The air is stultifying
The light is bright
The rains a fright
It sure is loud
On this here cloud.

Flowers and Bees

I saw a flower – a lovely flower
That shifted in the breeze
Then this flower – this lovely flower
Began attracting bees
I watched the bees – the buzzing bees
Circle in the air
Then the bees – the buzzing bees
Flew back into their lair
While in their lair – their secret lair
Honey was being made
In the lair – their secret lair
Nestled in the shade
Of a tree – a maple tree
Shifting in the breeze
Like the flowers – the lovely flowers
That attract the bees.

Balding Dog

Skipper had a balding dog
Whose skin was pink and rough
And though this fur was almost gone
His head still had a tuft
Skipper loved to pet his dog
And feel his wrinkled skin
And though his skin was interestin’
He wished for fur again.

You Stew

First I’ll make a roux
Then light the barbecue
I’ll make a stew of you
Before the night is through
I’ll add a whole cashew
Into my roux of you
And then I’ll start to chew
You taste like Elmer’s Glue.

Be What You Are

I tried to be an astronaut
But I’m afraid of heights
I tried to be like Superman
But I look bad in tights
I tried to be a rockin’ star
With punked-up hair and bass guitar
And this is what I’ve learned this far
It’s best to be just what you are
So if you are not Superman
An astronaut or rockin’ band
It’s okay you’ve come this far
Be confident in what you are.

Older Now

Seasons coming – going
Rivers quickly flowing
And I am older now.

Sunrays brightly burning
Winds continue turning
And I am older now.

Children laughing – playing
Thoughts are heavy weighing
And I am older now.

Time itself unwinding
And I continue finding
That I am older now.

Miss Manners

Miss manners says:
Cover your mouth if you should sneeze
Always say, “Thank you,” and “Please”
Place a napkin in your lap
In case you have a food mishap
Do not chew like a cow with grass
Excuse yourself if gas you pass
When drinking soda – do not slurp
Try your bestest not to burp
Never grumble, gripe or grouse
Try to keep a tidy house
Miss Manners seems to know a bunch
Too bad my brain is out to lunch.

Summertime I Think

The sun burns brightly in the sky
My skin is turning pink
Flocks of seagulls flap on by
It’s summertime I think
Lazy winds make grasses bend
And shadows slowly sink
Fun times seem to never end
It’s summertime I think
Dandelions puff up white
There’s Lemon Aid to drink
Go outside and see the sights
It’s summertime I think.

I Don't Follow Rules

I don’t follow rules
They don’t apply to me
I am like a caged bird
That needs to be set free

I don’t read directions
They seem a waste of time
I’d rather trial and error
And discover things sublime

I don’t need instruction
A lecture or a talk
When things get much too heavy
I hit the door and walk

For kids like me they have a name
They say it on the double
They look me squarely in the eye
And simply call me “TROUBLE!”

Imperfect Me

Some say my attitude is surly
My hair’s too curly
I act a little girly
I tell them I’m imperfect

They say that I’m too loud
I walk a little proud
That I stand out in a crowd
I guess I’m just imperfect

So, not all will make their passes
At a boy who’s wearing glasses
And doesn’t ace his classes
I tell you I’m imperfect

Yet, I’ve done my own inspection
I’m content with my reflection
If you want my interjection
I’m perfect imperfection.

The Hairball

A hairball lives beneath my bed
And beeps when I’m asleep
He cares not if I’m overhead
What a selfish creep
Tomorrow I shall make my bed
And give the creep a sweep
And once the little bugger’s dead
And swept into a heap
I’ll toss and turn while in my bed
Waiting for his beep.


The worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
The worms are slithering all about
They dig down in the earth so black
And plan their slithery, slimy attack
Someday those worms
Will all crawl out
And make you shiver, quiver and shout
How the worms crawl in
The worms crawl out
And how they slither all about.

Going to Bed

I’m sure I shall not sleep tonight
There’s so much in my head
But I’ll go ahead and dim the light
And put myself to bed.

Almost Winter

The leaves are turning red and gold
And soon it will be winter
The nights are growing long and cold
For soon it will be winter
The winds are blowing brisk and bold
Since it is almost winter
I’m tightly locked in my household
Now that it is winter.

Passing Time

Lately I’ve been passing time
Watching clouds roll by
Just staring at the sky
Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock

Lately I’ve been passing time
Watching waves roll in
Feeling salt upon my skin
Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock

Lately I’ve been passing time
Watching sunsets gleam
Feeling like a dream
Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock

Life Ain't Fair

I studied hard and did my work
Yet my boss is still a jerk
I’ve gained more weight
And lost more hair
I tell you sometimes life ain’t fair.

Much Learning

The more I learn the more I know
That I don’t know too much
And when it comes to knowing things
I only know a touch
With this and that
And such and such
It’s much to much to much.


Yesterday a mannequin
Watched as I walked by
But when I turned to speak to her
She stood there as if shy
Her face beheld a wooden grin
And eyes of azure stone
Then just as I was leaving her
She blinked?!?
And chilled me to the bone.


I’m gonna be a supermodel
And wear designer fash
I’m gonna be a supermodel
And make a lot of cash
I’m gonna walk in high-heeled shoes
I’m gonna put on fake tattoos
‘Cause that is what we models do
Don’t you wanna model too.


Sometimes I cry when I am happy
Sometimes when I am sad
Sometimes I cry when things are good
Sometimes when things are bad
Sometimes I cry when days are bland
Sometimes at nights unique
But generally I cry because
My eyes have sprung a leak.


Lonesome house in a field of wheat
Golden in the sun
Shutters closed against the sun
Protecting not a one
Your family has abandoned you
And left you to decay
Your beams are slowly rotting through
Your paint has chipped away
No more laughter fills your halls
There’s no more merry made
No more pictures line the walls
Of children who once played
No more smells of bacon grease
Or fresh banana bread
For now you stand alone at peace
Dying, but not dead.


An evening mist is in the air
I’m lying here without a care
Blades of grass press ‘gainst by back
My arms and legs are sprawled out slack
Of troubles I am unaware
Now that spring is here

Dew has formed upon the lawn
Nighttime makes its way to dawn
Buck and doe come out to seek
And eat at nature’s green boutique
Winter troubles have since gone
Now that spring is here.

A Would-be Star

I’m sure that I will be a star
Handsome, suave and gallant
The only problem seems to be
I haven’t any talent.

A Leaky Rainbow

Yesterday a rainbow snagged
On the Eiffel Tower
Draining all its color
On every tree and flower
The grass turned deepest purple
And the trees to brightest pink
It took some getting used to
But it’s lovely now I think.

Dragon's Cold

Poor dear Dragon
Seems to have a cold
He should have watched the weather
And seen the snow foretold

He’s miserable and grumpy
His fevers gotten higher
And every time he sneezes
He sets something on fire

His bed has turned to ashes
His blankets into dust
When it comes to curing him
It simply is a must

For his fires keep on raging
In another sneeze or two
You’ll find that everything has burned
Ah… Ah… Ah-Choo!!!

My Hair Ain't There

I put Nair in my hair
And now there’s nothing left
I feel a bit bereft
For my hair that isn’t there.

The Sphinx Thinks

I bet the sphinx is dreaming of
A crystal clear blue sea
Or maybe he is dreaming of
The shade beneath a tree
I’ll bet that he has visions grand
While he lies there in the sand
Of life beyond his desert land
Where movement is not banned
I bet the sphinx has visions of
A never ending pool
Or maybe he has visions of
A breeze that’s moist and cool
I’ll bet he dreams of many things
Like flying free on gilded wings
Enjoying life that freedom brings
Still I can’t help wonderings
What the sphinx thinks.


Pepsi, Root Beer
Coke, no ice
Mt. Dew
Or Lemon Slice
Fill ‘er once
Or maybe thrice
It doesn’t matter
What the price
Cherry, lime
Ginger Spice
Every Cola
Tastes so nice
Fizzy bubbles –
They entice
And make me drink
My favorite vice.

In the Twilight Zone

You won’t believe the things you’re shown
When you’re in the Twilight Zone
The sights will chill you to the bone
While you’re sitting in your home
Floor boards creak and door wells moan
The sun has sunk and night has grown
And you are left there all alone
In the misty Twilight Zone.

A Fishy Tale

I am a fish
I splash and I splish
I eat whenever I’m able
But if I don’t look
I may swallow a hook
And be served on the dining room table.

Trading Places

I’ll be you
And you be me
We’ll see what
Each other sees
I’ll be tall
And you will not
You’ll recall
What I forgot
I’ll remember
All your thoughts
And forget
What I forgots
You’ll be artsy
I’ll be fast
You may fail
But I’ll have past
Since I will know
The things you knew
I may skip
A grade or two
You’ll be shier
I’ll be bolder
It pays to trade
With someone older.

If I Won the Lottery

If I won the lottery
I’d give with generosity
Avoid all forms of snobbery
Experience much camaraderie

If I won the lottery
I’d act without pomposity
Give every one equality
But oh, what an atrocity
I haven’t won the lottery!

Charlie's Defeat

Poor, sweet Charlie Brown
Lately he’s been feeling down
He really wants to kick that ball
But every time he tries he falls
For Lucy pulls that ball away
So Charlie tries another day
He kicks, he falls, he never learns
Instead he hopes and prays and yearns
That once, just once he’ll kick that ball
Somehow methinks this won’t go down
For poor, sweet Charlie Brown
‘Cause Lucy won’t let Charlie win
And so this tale begins again
Kick, pull, fall, repeat
Face it Charlie…you’ve been beat.


I could go to sleep
If only I were tired
But the coffee that I drank
Has made me kinda wired.

Surprise Party

Presents are wrapped
Streamers are strung
The tables all set
Balloons are hung
We’re all crouched down
Quietly waiting
Wait a minute. . .
Why are we celebrating?

No More Meat

I won’t eat meat no more
          No more
I won’t eat meat no more
No more burgers, hot dogs, ham
No more bacon, sausage, Spam
Don’t serve me steaks or tuna fish
From now on it’s a meatless dish
I won’t eat meat no more
          No more
I won’t eat meat no more
No more pork chops, I won’t eat ‘em
Take back the drumsticks I don’t need ‘em
I will not be a carnivore
Instead I’ll be an herbivore
I won’t eat meat no more
          No more
I won’t eat meat no more
Gimme veggies, fruits and bread
I’ll eat nothing that is dead
I won’t eat cattle, fowl or rabbit
Eating meats a nasty habit
I won’t eat meat no more
          No more
I won’t eat meat no more

Birthday Suit

I’m dressed up in my birthday suit
I think it looks divine
No one has a birthday suite
That looks as good as mine
Some may say I’m naked
Others say I’m nude
It seems that when you’re naked
People think it’s rude.

The Contortionist

Squished into a tiny box
Like sardines in a can
He looks just like a wad of socks
That twisted, wrinkled man
His legs are up around his head
His arms behind his back
He must feel like a bunch of dead
Potatoes in a sack
He must be made of rubber
And have no bones at all
He’s like a ball of Flubber
That entertains us all.

Escape Plans

The world is such a crazy place
I think I’ll move to outer space
Or dwell beneath the deepest sea
And turn into a different me.

In My MInd

In my mind I’m legendary
Audiences applaud me
Critics praise and laud me
They say that I am Godly
     At least – in my mind they do
In my mind I’m charming
My looks are quite alarming
I’m enchanting and disarming
People come from miles around
To worship at the ground
Where my footsteps can be found
     Or so – I think they do
And so what if these things aren’t true
And I’m different from you (or you)
Life is short and dreams are few
    So for now – my mind will do.


Plus, minus, times, divide
In math, you must, by rules abide
Lesser, greater, fewer, more
No wonder I think math’s a bore
Carry ones, divide by twos
I think I’ll take a little snooze
Drop the threes, the fours you keep
I’m drifting, drifting off to sleep.


Cough, sneeze, fever, ache
Oh, I’m sick for goodness sake
Stuffy head, a throat that’s sore
A backache I just can’t ignore
Sleepless nights and restless days
Sickness please just go aways!

Roller Coaster

Buckled in
The ride begins
Spin, spin, spin
Up and down
Around, around
A hundred feet above the ground
Through the hoop
Scream, holler, whoop
Oh, what fun
To ride on one
The coasters almost done
Slowing, slowing
Line is growing
Now we must be going.

Everyone Does

Everyone poops
And everyone pees
Everyone burps
Excuse me please.

Much to Much

Jarrod Snuff has too much stuff
He doesn’t know enough’s enough
20 shirts with scruffy cuffs
30 jars of Mallow Fluff
40 pants all colored buff
50 scarves and 60 muffs
Jarrod Snuff has too much stuff.

Monet's Lilly Pads

I went to the museum
And viewed a Claude Monet
While standing in the atrium
The painting seemed to say,
“Step upon my lily pads
Feel my waters deep
See the sunshine sparkling – glad
Hear the flowers sleep
Lay upon my grassy knoll
Rest beneath my trees
Believe the magic in your soul
Live a life carefree.

New Best Friend

I’m shopping for a new best friend
My old one moved away
I’m trying on a new best friend
Will you be mine today?

The Spider's Web

She spins a tiny silver thread
The kind of thread that insects dread
For they know that the thread means dead

“Come in and rest your weary head
Upon my luscious silver bed,”
This is what the spider said

In flew a fly to rest his head
Upon the silver bed of thread
And now the friendly fly is dead

Upon the fly the spider fed
Is what the spider said.

Day Dreaming

Sunshine on a cloudy day
Raindrops in the month of May
Fields of wheat in which to play
Butterflies that flit away
Dining in a nice café
While in France on holiday
These dreams are how to chase away
Thoughts of gloom and doom and grey
Do it now and don’t delay
And have a happy, peaceful day.

Zoo School

Linda’s swinging from the lights
Cheryl’s eating glue
Betsy’s hair is full of mites
The desks are strewn askew
Lois looks an awful fright
My school is such a zoo.

Fractured Fairy Tales

Sleeping Beauty drank caffeine
Now she is awake and mean
Riding Hood washed clothes last night
Now her cloak is blinding white
Three small pigs met Shazam
Who turned them into cans of Spam
Jack-Be-Nimble broke his leg
Now he has to use a peg
These fairy tales don’t seem quite right
Because I wrote them late at night.

Stolen Alphabet

Someone stole the alphabet
In the middle of the night
And since there’s not a letter left
There’s nothing more to write.

I Ate

A chocolate candy
Chocolate cakes
A chocolate bar
And chocolate shakes
Now I have
A tummy ache
I guess I’ll take
A chocolate break.


Seven wonders of the world
Seven sinful crimes
Seven times I wrote this poem
For seven lines of rhymes
Seven brides for seven grooms
Seven days a week
Seven swans-a-swi… Oops, I’m outta rooms.

The Dark Side of the Moon

On the dark side of the moon
Is where the shadows be
They’ll journey down to Earth soon
For a terrorizing spree
They’ll hide in every corner, dark
And under every bed
When lights turn off they disembark
To spread their fear and dread
So crawl under your covers
And keep your eyes shut tight
And listen as the shadows hover
And whisper sweet good nights.


Where do clouds go when it rains
Where’s the sun at night
How do thoughts get in my brain
What makes the lightening light
Why do storms bring claps of thunder
      I wonder –
         I wonder.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights
Shine bright at night
Filling sky
With wond’rous delight
Swaying, dancing
What a sight
The magical, mystical
Northern Lights.

Just Dance

Crank it up
Move and groove
Come and dance, dance, dance
Body flow
Spirit free
Here’s your chance, chance, chance
Across the floor
Around the room
In boogy pants, pants, pants
Take this chance
To wear your pants
And just dance, dance dance.


Sheep and cows and pigs and goats
Wheat and corn, barley, oats
Tractors, combines, tillers, trucks
Plant, tassel, harvest, shuck
Bacon, eggs, grits and toast
Thank you, Farmer – you’re the most.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole I went
Looking for Miss Alice
Instead I found the Queen of Hearts
Sipping from a chalice
I spied her and she spied me
I was scared as I could be
When I heard the Queen had said
“Off! Off! Off his head!”
So I ran right out of there
Leaving Alice in despair.

Here Comes the Sun

Here comes the sun
There goes the rain
Get ready for fun
Prepare for insane
We’re going to go
A little bit mad
We’re going to sow
A field of glad
We’re going to reap
A harvest of joy
We’re going to keep
Our happiness ploy
Out with the meager
Out with our stress
We’re ready, we’re eager
To change our address
From One, Boredom Town
To Jolly Good street
We’re we’ll skip on down
To a jolly good beat
Come take my hand
The clouds have all parted
Our lives are now grand
Our journey has started
Here comes the sun
And the fun has begun.

Outta Here

Grandma Zola pinched my cheek
Mom has mussed my hair
My sisters gone and called me weak
My bags are packed, I’m outta here.

New Home

If I should find I’m lost in space
Somewhere beyond the human race
I wonder what I’d find.

Would there be worlds that look like mine
Would I be dead or be just fine
Would aliens be rough or kind?

If I should find a place to stay
For all my nights and all my days
I think I wouldn’t mind.

If only I could find.

Snail Race

Ready, set, GO!
They’re off in trails of slime
Slower, slowing, slow
They’ll never reach the finish line.

Rainy Night

I love the rain at night
When clouds have blocked the light
Of the moon

I love to hear rain falling
And the sound of springtime calling,
“Summers coming soon.”


Once upon a sunny day
While dreaming quietly I lay
There came a sound
Of tap, tap, tapping
Woke me from my
Nap, nap, napping
“I wonder who?”
I thought myself
Then pulled a book down from the shelf

Then reading silently I lay
On that bright and sunny day
Again there came
A tap, tap, tapping
Before I could start
Nap, nap, napping
“I wonder who?”
I said out loud
Would tap so boist’rously and proud

Then once again I read and lay
Wishing for the end of day
At last there came a
Tap, tap, tapping
As I began my
Nap, nap, napping
“I wonder who?”
My thoughts now foul
I opened the door
And found an owl.


Gray has sprinkled through my hair
And cracks now line my face
I guess this means I’m older now
Oh, what a won’drous place.


I’d like to learn to read someday
But it seems like such a chore
Life so far is pretty grand
But reading would make it so much more.

There Was an Old Lady

There was an old lady
Who munched on a shoe
Which made her grow ill
And finally spew
She never again
Ate Reebok or Nike
Instead she found socks
Were more to her likey.

Around the World. . . Kinda

I have been around the world
If only in my mind
I’ve met many creatures there
Some cruel, some weird, some kind
I’ve seen the gold at rainbow’s end
The wonders of the sea
I’ve seen all these and many more
Within the likes of me
For I have dreams like no one else
My thoughts are all my own
I’ve locked them all within my heart
To save for when I’m grown
I’ll pull them out when I am sad
And glimpse my precious past
And hold on to my fantasies
So they may always last.

Too Much Thinking

There’s so much in my head
Spinning round, spinning round
So much to be said
Thoughts I’ve found, thoughts I’ve found
Visions in the night
Sights and sounds, sights and sounds
Dreams I cannot fight
Would astound, would astound
They’re twisting in my soul
Tightly wound, tightly wound
And digging me a hole
In the ground, in the ground
All these thoughts, thoughts, thoughts
How they hound, hound, hound
In my head, head, head
Going pound, pound, pound!


I’m not one to gossip
But I really have to say
I heard that Mrs. Sanson’s
Hair is turning grey
I don’t want rumors spread
But I happened to overhear
That mean, old Mrs. West
Is retiring next year
I don’t want stories told
But I heard a funny tale
If I don’t shut my trap
They say I’m going to fail
Please don’t talk behind my back
About my raves and rants
And if you must tell someone
Please don’t tell my parents.

I'm Not Dr. Seuss

If I were Dr. Seuss
I’d have no excuse
Of why I couldn’t write about. . .
A moose with juice
A goose named Bruce
A loose mongoose
A chartreuse caboose
But as I am not Dr. Seuss
As I’m sure you can deduce
My poems are of little use.

I See

I see stars on cloudy nights
Ivy on bare walls
I see smiles on ghostly frights
A light in darkened halls
I see the things I want to see
I create my destiny
I see life as beautiful
Even in the hood
For my friends are bountiful
And kind, and sweet, and good
I see the things I want to see
I create my destiny
I see sun in winter’s chill
I see raindrops in a drought
I see each moment as a thrill
I have no fear or doubt
I see the things I want to see
I create my destiny
For I see opportunity
In being all that I can be.


Fish gotta swim
Birds gotta fly
Days gotta dim
Babies gotta cry
Trees gotta bend
Boats gotta row
This poem’s gotta end
‘Cause I gotta go.


It’s fun to hug
It’s fun to love
It’s fun to search
The skies above

It’s fun to laugh
It’s fun to sing
It’s fun to soar
On gilded wing

It’s fun to share
It’s fun to dance
It’s fun to try
And take a chance

It’s fun to talk
It’s fun to give
It’s fun to stop
And really live.

Art Class

I like my Art class
Mr. Moreno’s a blast
He teaches us stuff
From Art History’s past
He teaches us how
To cut out crate paper
He teaches us how
To make a grape ape
He lets us use glue
And sharp scissors too
We color with crayons
And cut up tin cans
I wish that I knew
That in the first grade
You shouldn’t use glue
And now I’m afraid
I’m stuck to my chair
Suspended in air
In Moreno’s Art class
I hope I still pass.


On dark and windy creepy nights
Ghosts and goblins come to fright
So close your eyes and hold ‘em tight
To keep those goblins out of sight
Go to sleep and start to snore
Haunting dreamers is a bore
Think happy thoughts of times before
And all the ghosts will be no more.


The ants are working very hard
Digging, digging in my yard
Bringing dirt from down below
Making sure my plants won’t grow
Hanging down below a tree
Dropping, dropping down on me
And biting, biting on my arm
I’m sure the ants mean me no harm
That’s why I wish, that’s why I wish
That I did not have to squish

Daphne Donkey

Daphne Donkey had no tail
Instead she had a spoon
She waved with it and dug with it
And sometimes squashed a bug with it
The other donkeys tugged at it
For they had normal tails
They’d make fun of her
And run from her
As donkeys sometimes will
But Daphne Donkey waved her spoon
As proud as she could be
For ‘round about a quarter to noon
When it was time to feed
Daphne Donkey and her spoon
Had everything they’d need.

Bye, Bye Moon

The moon was full when I went to bed
While visions of oceans filled my head
The stars and night were once again wed
And the moon shone brightly through

Lighting the dark with her bright shiny face
The meadows were filled with beauty and grace
Because of that giant orb in space
Paid us our nightly due

And when I awoke the old moon was gone
Slipping away when night became dawn
Leaving fog in the trees and dew on the lawn
I guess the moon needs rest too.

A View of March

It was a rainy day
No sun to be found
Clouds circled the air
And puddles lined the ground
The birds were restless
In the swaying trees
A plastic bag floated
Along with the breeze
No kites in the air
No bicycles riding
No children running
Or seeking or hiding
I sat at the window
Quite safe and quite sound
My eyes staring blankly
My mouth in a frown
I wanted to play
Outside in the sun
I wanted to frolic
For spring had begun
The calendar said
March twenty-first
If this is what spring is
I think it’s the worst.


The postman brought me an elephant
But I ordered extra petite
The size is rather relevant
So I’m glad I kept my receipt.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are turning brown
Autumn leaves are falling down
And blowing, blowing all around

Autumn leaves are piled up high
Autumn leaves swirl in the sky
Floating, floating, floating by

Autumn leaves run astray
Autumn leaves cannot stay
Winter winds blow them away.

Dragon for Sale

My best friend is a dragon
And my mom don’t like her much
She says that she’s too big
And she’s slimy to the touch
But I think it is just because
She caught mom’s hair on fire
So now mom says I have to sell it
Would you be kind enough to buy her?

Butterflies are Free

I wish I were a butterfly
So I could fly above the land
Way up in the sunny sky
On wings that were so grand
They’d be metallic blue or silver grey
With flecks of brightest green
People could stare at me as they may
For I was the most beautiful thing they’d seen
I’d be dainty and delicate
Not like a clumsy bird
Like the gawky ol’ pelican
Who squawks just to be heard
I’d float with the breeze
Over mountain peaks
And play with the bees
Games of hide and seek
I’d land on the petals
Of beautiful flowers
That hide in the meadows
Outside castle towers
The finest silks and satins too
Would be dyed like my wings
Of brightest green and metallic blue
And given to kings and queens
I’d fly above rooftops
In London and Spain
I’d fly through raindrops
That dribble on Maine
I’d fly above fields
Of golden grain
And eat from the yields
Of brown sugar cane.
Yes, a butterfly is what I’d be
‘Cause butterflies are truly free.

Exit the Enter

Yesterday was my first day of school
And my class was in the center
But stupid me is such a fool
I exited the enter.

Frog Prince

I am a frog
I live in a bog
I have from my childhood since
But if you’d kindly kiss me
I’d grant you a wish see
And perhaps I’ll turn into a prince.

Flying Pigs

Flying pigs once roamed the world
They ruled the earth and sky
With goggles on and wings unfurled
They sound their piggy cry
Oink-snort Oink-snort
The commander’s report
And soon they all would fly
Over tree and stream and rock and sand
And through the clouds of white
Across the sea and all the land
The piggies took their flight
For a hundred score
The piglets soared
And to this day they might
Still fly across the mighty land
As peaceful as before
But in comes man
With jealous hand
And pigs will fly no more.

Digging a Hole to China

I’m digging a hole to China
With a pick and an ax to grind-a
And anything I find-a
While digging my hole to China
I’ll keep for mine oh mine-a
But oh me oh my-a
It’s getting a little kinda
Tight in my hole to China
Now I’ve got myself in a bind-a
It’s dark and I am blind-a
I hope that I don’t wind up
Stuck in my hole to China.

Flower Power

I planted a fern
I named Lavern
I planted a pansy
And called her Nancy
There’s peony Penny
And Rosebud rose
Azalia Bedalia
Whose own name she chose
There’s Lazy daisy
Who thinks I’m crazy
Violet violet
Who can’t seem to stay quiet
Poppies and zinnias
Irises, gardenias
I planted them all
I did, I did
I planted last fall
Yes, that’s what I did
I should have known
That when they’d grown
What trouble they would be
I should have known
That when they’d grown
That they’d take over me.

Fuzzy Blue Hair

I once knew a girl with fuzzy blue hair
Who hid her treasures there
Some licorice rope, a dining chair,
A snorkeling mask, a polar bear
She hid them all without despair
She didn’t seem to care
That there were plates and silverware
Shoes galore, even underwear
Within her fuzzy blue hair.
So there.

Getting Dressed

I found my shirt
Stuck in the dirt
In the corner of my bed
I found my sock
Among the flock
Of stuffed animals on a sled
I found my shoes
And underoos
Right where my mom had said
I found this stuff
Among the fluff
But now I’ve lost my head.


My many-colored kaleidoscope
Lets me dream and gives me hope
That there are worlds beyond my own
That I am more than flesh and bone
It lets me see the rainbow’s end
It isn’t crude – does not offend
It shows me things I would not see
It tells of things that I can be
It shows the beauty all around
Above the sky – beneath the ground
Look into my magic scope
And fill yourself with dreams and hope.

Fancy Pants

Don’t you like my fancy pants
My snazzy shirt
My groovy dance

How about my crazy shoes
My poodle skirt
My fake tattoos

And don’t you dig my shiny rings
My golden crown
Fit for kings

What about my feathered hat
My coat of down
My Persian cat

Or how about my brand new car
My ornate bed
I’m such a star

But I must carry this stuff about
It hurts my head
To have such clout.

The Place of Dreams

To a far off place within your reach
The home to spells and magic
A private island with white sand beach
It’s really not so tragic
To take a trip within yourself
And find what lies beneath
A witch a dragon a two foot elf
A flying fish with eighty teeth
The grass is orange and the trees are purple
A snowman made of cotton
All the pancakes you can eat and topped with maple syruple
Oh the places you can go
You hold the magic key
For you alone will only know
The places you will be
The grass it may be polka-dotted
With cherry and lemon-lime
Upon the grass stands father time
His beard and mustache knotted
And in the sky a giant bird
Her feathers long and flowing
Outside this place of no-ones heard
The places you are going
And on the beach may be a raft to set you out a sailing
But your small boat has quickly grown
Into a giant craft
A candy ship with taffy floors
And licorice used for railing
And through the doors your dream-ship soars
Without a sign of failing
Into the land with clouds of pink, and sunshine everyday
It’s all within yourself to say
Whatever you may think
Your ship can sail most any place
Around the global scheme
Fast or slow or any pace
It’s anything you dream
And when at last your ship has grounded
Upon the land you’ve founded
And back on land the whitest sand
Has risen and been mounded
Upon the top a castle sits
A giant glowing palace
And on the throne the queen bee knits
While sipping from her chalice
The clouds are gold with silver lining
Above her castle high
And the queen invites you to come dining
In her palace bright and shining
You feast on pies of every kind
In this world that you created
Chocolate, apple, just you name it
No one here will mind
And when you’re through and bid adieu
And climb back down the mound
Into the world of purple trees this island you have found
Cause deep within yourself you’re free
And dreaming has no bounds.


I swear I did my homework
In fact, I did it twice
The first time wasn’t good enough
So I typed it up real nice
I did the extra credit
The worksheet and the chart
Unfortunately my younger brother
Tore it all apart.


Snow-white had her charming prince
Cinderella her slippers glass
Rapunzel had a great cream rinse
Mary Poppins - now she had class
Linus had his blanket trusted
Scooby Doo his snacks
But oh me I’m so disgusted
All I got is a handful of tacks.


The greatest friends in the world
Are always by my side
It’s to them the truth I tell
And in them I confide
They’re the ones who hold my hand
And help me when I’m down
They’re the ones I keep with me
When they are not around
So if you’re lucky you may find
A few friends of your own
And then you’ll know that you my child
Are never all alone.

If I Were

If I were a color what would I be
Something more than plain old me
I’d be rocket red or ocean blue
Or the gold of sun in Timbuktu
But just one color is such a bore
I’d be a pattern with something more
Like plaid or spots or maybe stripes
But why stop there with so many types
There’s squares and diamonds and little checks
Of hazy grey with tiny flecks
And of size what would I be
Something more than plain old me
Ten, fifty, a hundred feet tall
And I’d look down upon the small
I’d be a tree with every fruit
Apples, pears they both would suit
A golden tree with stripes of blue
With melon musk or honeydew
I’d be a bird within the tree
And s p r e a d my wings for all to see
That I was more than plain old me
But if I were an instrument
A shiny horn with tubing bent
I’d play a song so sweet and loud
To all my fans and cheering crowd
To all the folks who came to see
That I was more than plain old me
For I had been the ocean blue
A striped tree with honeydew
A soaring bird, a shining horn
Something more than I was born
But of all the things that I could be
I’m glad that I’m just plain old me.


It’s in Mr. Murphy’s Science class
Our horrid tale begins
With the mixture of a noxious gas
The hair from Murphy’s chin
A coconut from Kalamazoo
A dab of super glue
And now be sure to mix it all
To form the ghastly goo
And when it starts to take a shape
Head for higher ground
For when this hairy Jello ape
Begins to stomp around
He’ll follow you
And swallow you
And make a ghastly sound
Fear not my child for you shall pass
And you’ll be made the wiser
For in Mr. Murphy’s Science class
We keep the neutralizer.


Cackle cackle spooks howl
Boo boo sniff growl
Screech screech holler yowl
Halloween is here

Rubber masks, pointy hats
Walking corpse, flying bats
Monsters green and blackened cats
Halloween is here

My bag is full of trick-or-treats
I cannot move my aching feet
I fear I’ve had too much to eat
Halloween was here.


The lions roar
The horses nay
Koala’s snore
And never play
The penguins cackle
The wolves, they howl
I don’t like the jackal
Or the cougar that prowls
The snakes look slimy
The beetles are gross
The fish are too shiny
The monkeys eat toast
The tiger is striped
The polar bears white
With all of this hype
I don’t mean to gripe
But the turtles too slow
The peacocks a brag
I don’t like to go
To the zoo it’s a drag
The food costs too much
And isn’t that great
You can’t even touch
The animal’s gate
The sun bears aren’t sunny
The hills are too steep
The slurpys are runny
The keepers a creep
But what’s this you say
I get out of school
Then oh what the hay
Let’s go to the zoo.


“Hark hark,” harkened he
“Who harked?” harked she
“It’s me,” harked he
“Are you harking at thee?”
“I harked, it is true,
but I was not harking at you”
“Then who, if you please,
were you harking at?” harked she
“I harked,” harked he
“At the Harking bird in the tree”
And “hark,” harked the tree
“I see,” harked she
And away they embarked
To feed the Harking birds in the park.
“Hark Hark
Hark Hark.”

Hidden Garden

There’s a place where I can go
To wash my cares away
In this place time doesn’t flow
I’ll never age, my hair won’t grey
It’s a place for dawdling
To while your cares away
It’s a place where little godlings
Turn night into day
The dome of sky is purest gold
The earth is always ripe
It’s a place where dreams unfold
Eternity’s in sight
It’s hidden in the eye of mind
Where childhood days are found
Thoughts of now are left behind
And tomorrows run abound
To find it you need only seek
Beyond the rainbow’s flight
Close your eyes and take a peek
And let go of your blight
Come with me into the garden
Of time’s most rousing thoughts
All your troubles be far gone
In this enchanting spot
And if alas you run aground
On Eden’s distant shore
Pleasure, surely, will be found
Like none you’ve felt before.

Land of Tall

In Tall Town there once lived a boy
Whom growing up small had known no joy
He had a few friends who too were small
But he was the littlest one in Tall
They laughed at him and often stared
They laughed at his height and even his hair
A pleasant boy with big blue eyes
Who oh so wanted to be one of the guys
He spent many school days alone on the field
Keeping to himself was his social shield
Oh how he longed to be like the rest
And surely he could if he passed the test
To win the race is all it would take
And he would be cloned for society’s sake
To run the race and be the best
And he would soon be like the rest
Who laughed and leered
And stared and sneered
At any poor soul who didn’t fit in
To be something different was a punishable sin
To be one of them the greatest of Tall
Who ridiculed and ridiculed and ridiculed the small
He tried pulling and stretching to make himself big
He even tried a twenty-seven inch wig
He tried stilts and heels and shoes galore
But they laughed and laughed and laughed some more
He would never be tall he was sure of this
He would never experience the Tall’s tall bliss
Then one day on the way to school
He decided to break the golden rule
He would talk to the Tall and make himself known
He was sick and tired of being alone
If they knew him surely they’d jest
He’s really no different from all of the rest
Sure he was small and of course he was shy
But that doesn’t mean he’s an unlikable guy
A physical trait is not what’s inside
And what’s beneath is nothing to hide
A heart of gold a mind of steel
That’s what makes a person real
To prove his point he ran the race
And after he’d won he stated his case
They listened intently to every word
Their narrow minds had now been blurred
Was it possible they all were mislead
To judge a person by the height of their head
Were the small the same as the tall
We’re all only people after all
And if people are people no matter their stance
Then we all deserve the same fair chance
And now they unite, the small and the tall
To conquer the world and see it all
A unified group together in fun
Is much more exciting than a party of one.

Hello, My Name is Goodbye

Let me introduce myself
Hello, my name’s Goodbye
I’d love to sit and chat a while
But I’ve really got to fly
I should have been where I am going
A half an hour ago
It feels like time is speeding by
Instead of going slow
Nice to meet you, what’s your name
I’d love to be your friend
Unfortunately I’m out of time
And our story now must end.


A homeless man sat in the park
A homeless man slept in the dark
A homeless man I did not know
Tried to get in from the snow
A homeless man grew sick and old
A homeless man died wet and cold
A homeless man I never met
A homeless man I won’t forget.


Crash, flash
Boom, smash
Bright light
Takes flight
Clouds, dark
Nature harks
Spring fling
Sky sings
See the bold
Across the sky
Wait and see
The lightening fly.


I once ate a balloon
That inflated inside me
I floated to the moon
Cause no one could guide me
Up to the stars
Through the ozone layer
I drifted past Mars
And waved to its Mayor
And on to Jupiter I floated I flew
Past Saturn, Uranus and Neptune too
I floated to Pluto before I could stop
With the pin in my pocket, my balloon I did pop
I soared through the stars
I sputtered and quaked
I sped passed Mars
Oh, how my head ached
I could barely see the Earth I was from
As I past up Venus on my way to the Sun
The climate grew warm, maybe a thousand degrees
As my balloon and I passed Mercury
Now listen to me for I’m older and wiser
A balloon is not an appetizer.


Me Myself

Me myself, I can do anything
And me myself, can be anyone
Me myself could be the king
Me myself can reach the sun
Me myself, I have no bounds
Me myself, have made the rounds
In order to be myself and me
I must be all that I can be.


I raked them up
I piled them up
I shaped them up
Real neat

The leaves were bold
The wind was bold
And I was bold
You see

I ran for it
I aimed for it
And sprang for it
Off my feet

“OOPS,” I hissed
I really missed
So now I tell you this
“Poor me.”


In my room when the lights are low
When shadows bloom and monsters grow
When stars all shine and moon-light beams
And nothing is just what it seems
Out from the closet or under the bed
Emerge the goblins with tiny heads
With glowing eyes and fangs of white
Appear for me in the middle of night
They climb upon my bed you see
Searching for the likes of me
But just as they are closing in
I shut my eyes and crook my chin
For I know now they cannot win
The game of real and fantasy
That’s all within the realm of me
I create the goblins green
And all the things that are not seen
Witches, ghosts and pirates too
With all their frights and ghastly crew
And in this game I cannot lose
For I alone can pick and choose
What kind of dream I want to grow
In my room when lights are low.


Someday soon I’ll catch the moon
And whisk her from the sky
I’ll take her home to be alone
Just the moon and I
We’ll sip some tea the moon and me
And ponder thoughts of why
In the day she runs away
Because she is so shy

And when we’re through I’ll bid adieu
And place her back up high
To shed her light for me at night
Which twinkles in my eye.

Mrs. Sippi

My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Sippi
Traveled down the Mississippi
Dove on in to have a dippi
Did a half pike double flippi
And the crowd yelled, “Yippi Skippi!”
Then my teacher Mrs. Sippi
Climbed back on the steamboat shippi.

Waiting for Santa

The stockings were hung by the chimney with glue
My sister Jennifer has the flu
Brother Todd ate all the cookies
Cynthia is reading bookies
And I am waiting for Santa

Mom and Dad have gone to bed
I think I’m going out of my head
I pace the floor from left to right
Waiting for that wonderful sight
Waiting, still waiting for Santa

I poured him milk and baked him a treat
So he’ll have something good to eat
The tree is trimmed, the house is jolly
The berries are hung with the holly
And I am still waiting for Santa
My eyes are heavy I’m getting tired
I’ve started a cozy little fire
He won’t get lost I’ve drawn him a map
So I’ll just take a little nap
While I am still waiting for Santa.

My Mummy

My Mummy is the greatest
She makes me grilled cheese sandwiches
Even though her fingertips
Are all wrapped up in bandages

My Mummy is the swellest
Her looks are quite unique
My friends all run away from her
When we play hide-n-seek

My Mummy is the bestest
There’s no one in the world
That I’d miss more than Mummy
If her wrappings came unfurled.


At the edge of the universe
Lies a place called Nim
And this my friends
Yes, this my friends
Is where all the fun begins
Santa Clause is mayor
The Easter Bunny his faithful sidekick
The Tooth Fairy’s there
As a magic flute player
To entertain Saint Nick
All the trees grow money
The teachers all are funny
The rivers, they flow honey
And the days are bright and sunny
The streets are made of Nerf
The grass is Astroturf
So you’ll never have to mow
And if you are good
Yes, if you are very very good
Then Nim’s the place you’ll go

No Fishing

Don’t drop your lines
Don’t bait the hooks
Don’t pay the fines
Don’t ready the cooks

Don’t pitch up the tent
Don’t heat up the pan
Don’t pay the boat rent
For fishing is banned

I don’t like the worms
I don’t like the bait
I’ve come to the terms
It’s fishing I hate.

Permed Hair

I permed my hair it’s curly I swear
It reaches from here to there
They wrapped it tight
And processed it right
But don’t perm your hair on a dare.

Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee
And her best friend me
Tried to bake a cake
With eggs and milk, sugar too
Flour, pickles, barley stew
Half a cup of coffee
And a fourth of sweetened tea
Mystery liquid, color blue
And oranges split in three
Soups in cans
Breads and jams
Leave it up to me
To mix it up
And stir it up
For my best friend Sarah Lee
We tried pushing and shoving
Our cake in the oven
And it just barely fit
For an hour or so
We baked the dough
'Till it blew itself to bits
So Sarah Lee
And her best friend me
Had to call it quits.


There will always be skeptics
And always believers
There will always be teachers
To make us achievers.

Bubbles in My Bath

Bubbles in my bath
There are bubbles in my bath
And I don’t know where they came from
Bubbles in my hair
There are bubbles everywhere
They’re even on my uhm…

Shadow Dancer

The sun shined bright that Friday morn'
When the Shadow Dancer was born
He grew to a tremendous height
As a noon-time shadow might
Along the walls he’d play and dance
Daring all to take a chance
And dance
Like the Shadow Dancer danced
Around the town and over the grass
The dancer’s shadow passed
Bidding all to join him in
The Shadow Dancer’s dance
Come one, come all, from everywhere
And move without a care
And join him while there’s still a chance
To do the Shadow Dancer’s dance
For when the sun begins to set
The Shadow Dancer frets
He knows it’ll be another night
Before he can take his flight
And slip into his darkened pants
And do the Shadow Dancer’s dance.

Singing Off Key

Singing off key
Singing off key
The entire world is singing off key
Why don’t they all just listen to me
If they are singing in “F”
Then I just sing in “G.”


“Why can we two never be free?”
said she to he
“Free?” said he
“Yes, you and me.”
“Miss Dupree, I’m sure you’ll agree
that you and me cannot be free.”
“Shall we discuss it over tea?”
“Tea?” said he.
“For you and me.”
“Someday we two shall be free,”
said he to she.
“And just when would that be?”
said Miss Dupree.
“As soon as we, you and me,
climb down from this blasted tree.”

Robin Hood

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
He hides in the bushes
And swings from the trees
He steals from the rich
And gives to the poor
He makes the king and his men
Quite angry and sore
He trots on his horse
Gallant and proud
And calls to his men
In a voice that’s so loud
“Come one come all
and help me fight
the king and his men
with all of our might”
Together they band
His men in tights
To fight for the people
And all of their rights
To fight for the glory
And honor deserved
To fight for Robin Hood
The legend they served.

The Boy Who Grew a Tail

I once knew a boy named Dale
Who grew a long furry tail
It poked through his pants
And knocked over lamps
So now he resides in jail
Poor Dale.

The Forest of Bees

Once I knew a magic place
Not so far away
Where honey dripped from every tree
And flowed all through the day
The worker bees flew with a smile
And buzzed a happy song
Making honey in their hive
All the workday long
And when at night they lay at rest
Counting golden sheep
The smell of nectar filled the breeze
As they drifted off to sleep.

Todd and Tina

Tiny Todd trained thoroughbreds
For thoughtless Tina Zug
Though Tina Zug had tried to tug
As Tiny Todd had said
The thoroughbreds that Tina tugged
They would not toil or tow
They did not want to tally-ho
They only wanted hugged.

The Snoozles

The Snoozles they wuggle and fuggle and snort
And giggle and wiggle and like to contort
To make themselves like paper-clips
Potted plants or potato chips
Or shining stars or iron bars
Or three-wheeled trikes and flying kites
Just about most anything
The Snoozles like to form
Thwap thwap their bodies sing
As they transfer from the norm
All day and night they play this game
Not once conforming to the same
One day a plane or drops of rain
A Ficus tree or candy cane
And after decades of play like this
The Snoozles had no more
There was nothing they had missed
And at least had once conformed
So they packed their bags and left the place
And headed for outer space
To settle among the human race
So watch my friends and you may see
Among the objects norm
A candy cane or Ficus tree
That quickly changes form
And if you see one please beware
They’re only playing games
And if you see one please be fair
And treat them all with care.

I Lived in the House that Jack Built

I lived in the house that Jack built
But the whole thing tilts
To one side
The windows don’t match
The door has no latch
When he said he was a carpenter
He lied.

Tad's Tale

To tell a lie is not so bad
Or so I thought ‘till I met Tad
He was no more than seven or eight
When he had signed his future fate
He told a lie and it began
The story of this fibbing man
His first lies small but then they grew
How big they’d gotten he hadn’t a clue
Only a boy of seven or eight
He was not thinking of future fate
And so it goes the tale of Tad
Who managed to make the whole town mad
With fib after fib and lie upon lie
He wondered if they’d ever be wise
To all the sneaking and creeping and such
To him the truth didn’t matter too much
He lied his way up to the top
And he was sure he’d not be stopped
He lied and lied and lied some more
Facts and honesty were such a bore
His friends abandoned him making him sad
And so it goes the tale of Tad
A man who was once a happy boy
Till he lied and lied and lost his joy
So at the top alone he sat
Not knowing where all of his friends were at
Away from him they laughed and played
But no attention to him was paid
To a man up there who once was great
A man who signed his future fate
With one little lie it all began
The story of this lonesome man
All alone he plotted and planned
To return to his state of golden grand
From the top of the town he started to yell
He promised the truth he’d only tell
It’s not the truth the town had thought
Another lie - he did that a lot
Another chance is all I ask
And I’ll remove my phony mask
I’ll bear the truth of all my years
And so he did through many tears
He hoped the time was not too late
To stop and change his future fate
And in the end they welcomed Tad
Who after all was not so bad
No more lies he vowed to tell
To speak the truth was just as well
And now he sits with many a friend
A happy man who now can mend
The error of his lying ways
Cause in the end it never pays.

Happy Town

In Happy Town
Everybody is a clown
No one here is ever down
It’s the happiest place around
I’m so glad that I have found
A life for me in Happy Town.

The Bitter War

It all began with one lone man
His ideas too intensely grand
Far too great for his home town
For he had plans to wear a crown
He had the brains and wits to spare
But what he lacked was loving care
He used his charm to form a legion
Loyal to him through every season
His once small band had quickly grown
And it would not be overthrown
They swallowed up cities and countries galore
It was never enough he wanted more
To be the king of all the land
And from his throne he’d give command
For those of whom did not obey
Well they would soon be cast away
To a terrible place no sign of hope
Through spirit and grace they’d learn to cope
But be set free they never would
From the ideals of a man who showed no good
Another group with different views
Was sent to make him pay his dues
They fought a fight for many years
Forcing both to face their fears
A bitter feud a senseless game
A world gone mad societies claimed
The perfect race shall rule it all
But pride would cometh before the fall
The war remained a longer stay
The less than perfect cast away
Millions gone to not return
And still they would refuse to learn
There’s no such thing - a perfect race
It’s all a myth a senseless waste
The world we knew became a land
Of guns and bombs and contraband
Of life or death at every turn
Right and wrong were not discerned
And as the case in every war
Opposing views lay at the core
Who’s right who’s wrong - well who’s to say
Through pain and death we all must pay
A silly game where no one wins
The nearing future quickly dims
A narrow light with vision blurred
The rage and hate still being heard
And whence the end is finally near
And all is quiet beneath the fear
When cities and lives have been destroyed
And hopes and hearts are filled with void
We sing a song of victory
And wave a flag for all to see
A symbol of the fight we fought
A symbol of the freedom sought
A war that spread across the land
That started with a vision grand.

When I Get Old

I may be a farmer
Or perhaps an engineer
I could hunt for gold
One day when I get old

I could be a charmer
Or wrestle hogs and steer
I’ll be brave and bold
One day when I get old

I may go to Harvard
And learn about the stratosphere
But for now I do what I am told
Cause I am still not old.

Upside Down

Upside down, upside down
The entire world is upside down
The floor is up
The ceiling down
My pants are shorts
My smile a frown
My hands are feet
My shoes a crown
It’s a crazy world
In Upside Down
Where girls wear pants
And boys a gown
And all the folks
In all the town
Are crazy crazy
In Upside Down.

Balding Lion

He tried the sprits
He tried to fluff
He blew it dry
With goopy stuff
He combed it over
Combed it up
Swept it forward
Into a tuft
He tried it all
For crying shame
A balding lion
Just ain’t the same.


The vampire doesn’t suck on blood
Like everybody thinks
He drinks carrot juice
From Belarus, that is what he drinks

The vampire doesn’t become a bat
Like everybody thinks
With a twirl of his cape
He becomes an ape, faster than you can blink

The vampire doesn’t sleep in the day
Like everybody thinks
He sleeps at night
And don’t even bite. I know ‘cause I’m a Vampire

There's a Fable on My Table

There’s a fable on my table
And I don’t think I am able
To decide which one it is
It could be of Goldilocks
And a family of bears
Or maybe it’s three hammocks
Who built houses without cares
It could be of a duckling
Who thought he was not cute
Or a pack of kids who were bunking
With a lady in a boot
It could be about a treasure
Beyond what we can measure
In a land that’s far away
Or about a girl named Heidi
And the mountain where she stayed
Or how about a captain
Whose name is simply Hook
And the way that Peter trapped him
I should go and take a look
At that interesting book
That’s lying on my table
I think it’s of a fairy
But I can’t quite read the label
Of that oh so tempting fable
I’m sure it’s something scary
About a white and hungry whale
Or a beast that’s brown and hairy
What is this mystery tale
I’m sure it’s of an island
In the middle of the sea
It could be off Thailand
In a forest full of trees
We could follow down a yellow road
Into an emerald place
Or make a prince out of a toad
Even fly to outer space
So many places I could go
If only I did know
What kind of fable on my table
Is about to grow
Like a giant stock of beans
That sprout from magic seeds
I wish I had the means
And I would sit right down and read
From the fable on my table
If only I were able.


The sky is dropping giant flakes
Of puffy cold white snow
The sky is dropping giant flakes
So out to play we go
We pile up all the giant flakes
Of puffy cold white snow
And turn them into balls of flakes
Ready – aim – set –throw
Our face is hit with giant flakes
Of balled up cold white snow
We’ve got a cold from giant flakes
So now our nose we blow
I really wish the giant flakes
Of puffy cold white snow

My Tree

I planted a seed – a tiny seed
I’m not sure what it was
But this seed – this tiny seed
Started to grow green fuzz
So I watered the fuzz – the lovely fuzz
And let the sun shine in
Then this fuzz – this lovely fuzz
Began to grow a stem
I cared for the stem – the slender stem
And gave it lots of food
And so this stem – this slender stem
Grew faster than it should
So now I have a tree you see – a giant giving tree
Filled with many fruits and seeds
I love my tree – my giving tree
It gives me all I need.

Chasing Stars

They sit high in the night sky
Not nary a whisper or cry
Will be heard as the stars drift by
With a twinkle in their heart and a beam in their eye
I want to catch one and hold it
And cherish it until the moment flits
By and the little star returns to her home
And I am left alone
Changed by the little star
From so – so far


I’ve finished all my supper
And now I want some cake
Don’t try to feed me something else
Oh please for goodness sake

I ate all my potatoes
The roast beef and the stew
I finished off my glass of milk
I’d like to have cake too

I’ve eaten all the peas
The black-eyed and the green
I want to have a sweet to eat
To keep my body lean

Old Man Winter


Old Man Winter has a cold
The days are no more sunny
His nose is red and runny
He should have done as Mother Nature told
And not have blown the wind so hard
Or dumped snow upon the yard
It doesn’t seem so funny
Now that he’s drinking tea with honey
And the sun is grey not gold
Yes, it may be a few more weeks
Before there’s color in his cheeks
And the days are once more sunny
And his nose is no more runny
Perhaps next year he won’t be so bold
As to blow the wind so hard
Or dump snow upon the yard
So he won’t catch a cold
That crazy Old Man Winter.

Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe


Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe
Like to sneak around the house
In every crevice and every hole
Anywhere they can go
They creep through the darkest of the night
And are back in bed by day
What a thrill, what a sight
Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe
Oh so happy, oh so gay
They wander to and fro
Down the halls
In shower stalls
And under all the beds
Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe
Are crazy in the head
Listen to them giggling
Try and catch them while their wiggling
And away they’ll hide and stow
You’ll never catch the likes
Of Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe
When they’re creeping way down low
Where only mouses go
But when the night
Has turned to light
Our heroes will grow tired
And all the sneaking skills acquired
Will disappear from sight
Our Pitter Pat and Tippy Toe
Will end their evening show
And to sleep they’ll finally go.

The End

This is the end
It’s all I wrote
There’s nothing more
So start again.