Jul. 16, 2021

PLN Activity Chapter 2

Chapter 2 focused on identifying some of the issues when utilizing technology in the classroom.  These issues can include things such as:


Student access to digital tools at school

Student access to digital tools at home

The comfort level of the teacher when using technology

School related barriers such as schedules, access to professional development, and limitations placed on how technology can be used.



To continue building your PLN for this module please consider adding in information, resources, or some of your own reflection on one of the following areas:


What strategies have you used to overcome barriers to using technology in your classroom?

I’ve invested a lot of money into STEM activities and games to use in conjunction with good, old fashioned paper.  I’m also a firm believer in verbally posing questions and debating answers.  Using minimal technology allows me to get to know the students as people and to assess their knowledge in a variety of ways (including technology). 

What strategies or tools might you use to address the digital divide present in your school?

Utilizing stations that include games, teacher time, paper work, and computers helps keep students on track and our limited technology resources aptly used.

Links to useful teaching with technology professional development information online.

edex -- Propel your career, get a degree, or expand your knowledge at any level.  Edex classes can be audited for FREE, or earn a certification for a nominal fee.  Users can access videos, information, and links to data on hundreds of different classes. 

A reflection of your own attitude toward the use of technology in the classroom.

I think technology is a useful tool, but has limits.  Technology should always be used in conjunction with quality teaching, relationship building, and varied learning environment.

What new technology might you want to try to incorporate, but until now might have been unwilling or hesitant to do so?

I’d like to connect to a smart TV and utilize the computer to share information and videos.  I know this is not new technology, but, as of yet, I do not have a Smart TV in the classroom – we are still gathering around a laptop to watch CNN 10, science videos, and School House Rock!