Jul. 19, 2021

PLN Activity Chapter 11

Chapter 11 discusses a number of ways that technology can be used to demonstrate performance assessments and within the reflective process of learning.  Chapter 11 provides a nice outline for how to create your own digital teaching portfolio and how to use digital portfolios with students. Technology makes it easier to distribute and collect survey information that could be used as a reflective tool and how technology can be used to help student discover their weak areas or misconceptions. For this final PLN activity add in one of the following:

Create a list of technology tools for creating digital portfolios, collecting student feedback, or creating assessment rubrics.

Book Creator allows students to combine text, images, audio and video to create portfolios, interactive stories, and reports.

Google Sites Students can use it to create and host their own digital portfolios. The site is simple and easy to use and they can set up their new website within minutes. They can create as many pages as they want, then upload their content, and share with others. Site Help has everything students need to effectively use Google Sites.

Evernote  Students record their thoughts using notes then enhance these notes using things such as photos, audio files, links, and attachments. Evernote provides various organizational features that enable users to effectively organize their work so it can be easily searched and accessed across different devices.